Nunchuks Used To Break Peaceful Pro-lifers Arms

September 30, 2007


Life-threatening fractures! If this doesn’t make you sick, you’re not human.


Tasered Ohio Woman Describes Agony

September 26, 2007

Source: CBS News

“The pain just wouldn’t stop, it was so much, so much. I just didn’t think it was going to stop ever,” Gill, 38, told The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm Tuesday.

“There’s 32 burn circles on my pants alone,” Gill said.

“It’s just a traumatic thing that I relive every day. At night, I see it. It’s just never-ending,” Gill said on The Early Show. “The worst thing is the impaired vision. I see two of you right now, sometimes three.”


Taser Torture: Abuse, Murder and Denial Of Basic Human Rights

September 20, 2007

Publicly Tortured Student Andrew Meyer


Andrew Meyer was publicly tortured by tasers in front of his class by police. CNN and FOX tried to whitewash the event, but on close examination of the audio and video, you can see that the student did not resist, but begged the officers to not taze him. Then in response a sadistic officer stated, “Taze him!” and so the police attacked. But the UF torture incident is just the tip of the iceberg…