Tearing the Veil: Mass Media Misdirection, Manipulation, and Mythology – Part Three

October 5, 2007


Source: Martial Law Network

As we sit in the darkened theatre and watch the curtain rise, we see amazing things transpiring upon the stage. Instead of the artistic endeavours of the past three thousand years of human culture, we see the bickering infantilism of ‘reality television’. Instead of the cohesive power and pride of the human spirit in its ability to transcend difference, we see torture’s use rationalized as a legitimate tool in the new war of terror. Instead of the projection of the hero and his or her mythic quest for self actualization, the hero is sneered at, and we are presented, instead, with the anti-hero as a model for behaviour – fools, puppet presidents, and countless examples of callow, snivelling adults stumbling through their meaningless lives in Fox sitcoms. We see news panel show hosts that no longer know if the world is flat or round, and beauty pageant contestants that wouldn’t be able to find America on a map of America, much less the world. Although, perhaps she could be forgiven for this mistake, given that there is so very little of it left.


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