Meet the New IMF, Same as the Old IMF

October 4, 2007

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, former French finance and economics minister

Source: ADE Blog

Leave it to a socialist to provide the International Monetary Fund with its new agenda, basically the same old agenda. Strauss-Kahn tells us he will “give more representation to emerging countries” and “emerging economies, such as China, India and Brazil,” in other words the Chinese “economic miracle” will remain front and center as the plan is to reduce much of the planet to a forced labor gulag where subsistence, or sub-subsistence, for billions of people will be rule of the day as they crank out cheap goods contaminated with heavy metals or cough syrup containing diethylene glycol, that is to say anti-freeze.




October 1, 2007

Greatest Depression?

Source: Financial Sense

Let me cover the big picture. I do think we’re approaching the end of the world as we know it…I think there is such thing as the business cycle. It exists. And we’ve had the longest expansion – and the strongest expansion – in the world history. But we’re at the end of a 25-year boom. It’s gone on more than a full generation now. And I’ll tell you how it’s going to end: It’s going to end with a depression, and not just a depression; not just another Great Depression; it’s going to be the Greater Depression.


Ron Paul: Stock Market Will Eventually Collapse

August 29, 2007


Texas Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul says that attempts to rescue an ailing stock market last week, during which the Fed pumped in billions in liquidity, were merely a stop gap measure – and that an economic collapse is all but inevitable. He also states that martial law will be enforced to deal with the inevitable discord.


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