Bush’s Genocide Of Iraqi Civilians

September 30, 2007

Source: InfoWars.com

Bush’s “war on terror” quickly became Bush’s war on Iraqi civilians. So far over one million Iraqi civilians have lost their lives because of Bush’s invasion, and four million have been displaced. Iraq’s infrastructure is in ruins. Disease is rampant. Normal life has disappeared.

Self-righteous Americans justify these monstrous crimes as necessary to ensure their own safety from terrorist attack. Yet, Americans are in far greater danger from their own police forces than they are from foreign terrorists. Ironically, Bush’s “war on terror” has made Americans less safe at home by diminishing US civil liberty and turning an epidemic of US police brutality into a pandemic.



Ron Paul Calls For An End To The War On Drugs

September 30, 2007

Source: Infowars.com

Woman Tased For 3-4 Minutes Until Dead!!!

September 30, 2007

Source: YouTube.com

Nunchuks Used To Break Peaceful Pro-lifers Arms

September 30, 2007

Source: YouTube.com 

Life-threatening fractures! If this doesn’t make you sick, you’re not human.

School Security Guards Beat Teen over Cake Spill

September 29, 2007

Source: YouTube.com

Caught on video. You’re busted, child abuser!

Conclusive Proof Voting Machines Rigged

September 27, 2007

Source: LiveLeak.com

Finally…conclusive proof, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that programmers were used to hack voting machine software and make them spit out phony results. How pathetic. You think that subliminal mind control in TV “programming” and fake news would be enough.

Vote Rigging Exposed…

Iranian University Chancellors Ask Bollinger 10 Questions

September 26, 2007

Sources: The Fanonite, CommonDreams.org

Your insult, in a scholarly atmosphere, to the president of a country with a population of 72 million and a recorded history of 7,000 years of civilization and culture is deeply shameful.

Your comments, filled with hate and disgust, may well have been influenced by extreme pressure from the media, but it is regrettable that media policy-makers can determine the stance a university president adopts in his speech.

Your remarks about our country included unsubstantiated accusations that were the product of guesswork as well as media propaganda. Some of your claims result from misunderstandings that can be clarified through dialogue and further research.